On this page we will answer some frequently asked questions you may have. Like.... How did Use Me get its name?

‘Use Me’ Hair products got its name through a simple thought. We did not want to complicate things which is why our ethos is and always will be simplicity. When you receive your products you will notice each bottle is numbered. This is when to use it. Turn that baby around and VOILA! You will immediately see how much of the product to use and where to put it on your hair. Simple right?

Is Use Me safe for my hair color?

YES! Our products are safe on color treated hair and will actually defend it from heat and enviro damage (including natural sun bleaching.)


I’ve been using your products and my scalp and hair feel different, why?



I have a Keratin Treatment!


I want to use Daily Vitamist + Biotin more, is that ok?


Will you make more products?


Will this work on my hair texture?


Is this safe for kids?


When can I expect my order?


What is your return policy?

Fabulous! You have been using your products and it shows.

Think about it this way. Your scalp gets oily as a defense against nasty chemicals as you sweat it encourages a detox always leaving you grimy or oily.

With Use Me we stay away from those nasty chemicals as it heals your scalp and rebalances it at the same time. Now, as you start to sweat or let the days go by, your scalp doesn't have to defend itself as much. Which means you are washing less! While your hair is healing back to its truest potential, the way it should be.

That’s ok! We’ve got you covered. Our products are sulphate free and safe on keratin treatments.


Our holy grail for styling. YES, of course you can. Keep in mind we share with you the basic usage facts on the bottle. This mist can (and should) be used on dry hair too. It will reactivate your hairstyle from yesterday, continue to defend your hair while giving you your daily dose of biotin. Your hair will drink it up!

Yes! We will make more products but keep in mind, we are making your routine simple so we will only release new products that help you get out of the door faster!

Every body is different. However we have revolutionized the very ingredients to ensure it works with just about every single texture from fine and limp to full and over curly.

Yes! Our founder always test products on herself first, then her family before the true professional testing commences. However whether yourself, child  or significant other has severe medical issues, always consult your doctor.

Our team processes your order in house within 24 hours. From there we usually see 2-4 days of travel time before it arrives.

We want you to be happy. Use Me Hair products offers a 15-day return/exchange policy. Simply notify us within 15 days of receiving your products and we will gladly help you process the return (shipping costs excluded.)