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For over 15 years I was an international hairdresser, hair educator to other professionals, working with models & celebrities.

No matter who I met from all around the world. I was faced with the same question: How exactly do I use this product? It wasn’t until I was working on the road for two weeks straight that inspiration struck.

As a single mother at the time not only was I exhausted, I didn’t have time to “glam,” myself up. Yet, I was teaching people how to get themselves or their clients ready. I was speaking about simplicity but my schedule and the companies I worked with had more than enough “challenges,” to try to simplify. Finally my daughters words sunk in, “Mom, those people can read the directions and then you don’t have to teach them how to use it. You stay home."

On that next flight from LAX to JFK, my pen hit the paper and I sketched USE ME© hair products. It started as a simplified label for hair products that triggered all of the other over-looked details I would personally want to see in hair products. USE ME© not only made sense, I could no longer control the possibilities!