Rebalancing Shampoo + Shine

Rebalancing Shampoo + Shine


Simply Put: Cleanse better, wash less! Developed for those that want fresh hair, but don’t have time to wash everyday. Infused with orange peel to revitalize a healthy scalp, intense hydration and add tons of shine.

What It Does: We focus on the ‘root’ of common issues, your scalp. Organic orange peel will rebalance your scalp detoxing harsh chemicals from your past and make sure your oily scalp calms down giving you up to 5 days in-between washes.  Agave soothes your frizz as its natural humectant properties attract and retain beneficial moisture.

Next, our unparalleled shampoo will get your hair in its best cleansed condition and keep your hair clean & fresh.

Why You Want It: Our Shampoo + Shine was created to take a new challenge to those that say they have to wash everyday. You don’t, your scalp freaks out with chemicals and protects itself by creating more oil. We protect your scalp with better ingredients so that your friends and family will start asking you what your secret to shiny, bouncy hair is … and the answer is in this bottle!

Perfect For: All hair types that need, hydration, frizz and oil control and shine!

Sulfate, Paraben, Gluten & Cruelty Free!

Safe on all hair types including keratin treated & hair extension hair

TIP: Wash once, if it doesn't bubble up, wash again! 

shhh! our little secret: this was created to be the FIRST shampoo that will keep your head clean day after day(x5) without the greasy look. even after the sweatiest workout your head won’t leave behind that grease and grime like it used to!

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