AIR DRY Wave + Curl Cream

AIR DRY Wave + Curl Cream


Simply Put: It is an air dry cream with a hybrid twist

What It Does: Brings the best features of your hair back to life! Our self-adapting wave + curl cream with smart formulation knows your hair and adjusts to your style. Our memory cream formula will keep your style controlled, beautifully and shiny for days.

Why You Want It: First of all, run your fingers through your hair. Nothing is crunchy and nothing gets flaky! This is the only wave and curl cream that can transform benefits to your hair type. It doesn’t matter if you’re blonde with fine hair, brunette with kinky curls or red hair that waves. This is the cream to keep in your routine!

Extra Benefits: Mega Frizz Fighter + Shine 

shhh! our little secret: this product came through pure vision and never really had the perfect name. our team knew the complaints in the market with curl creams, wave sprays and crispy mousse. so, we geared up to create a hybrid product; a moisturizing beneficial cream with characteristics of a mousse.

the first person to test this product was our founders mom, who suffers from lupus and other ailments. her prescriptions have her hair so damaged, she gave up on hair products completely. once she personally gave us her approval, the product only went forward. and yes, she lives happily with the wave+curl cream in her routine.

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